Google Homepage API Released

Google Homepage API released

The personalized homepage was created to bring together the stuff that interests you from across the web. From an engineering perspective, order this became an opportunity to create a framework for all types of content and information. Supporting RSS and Atom feeds was one step in that direction.

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Google Earth for Mac OS X (Beta)

Google Earth for Mac OS X (Beta):
Today I woke up with a nice surprise email in my inbox. A anonymous reader tipped me off to a Beta version of Google Earth for Mac OS X. I don’t know what the system requirements are, but the program works great on my Powerbook. (1.67Ghz, 1.5GB RAM)
I don’t know how long this link will […]

iZap, uZap, everybardyZap!

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“With uZap, it’s so easy to get in shape. Just zap-zap!” Fiona Xie not included. Blarf people.

It’s dangerous enough going to Funan. It’s a disaster for the wallet if you go to Funan with mrbrown and James Seng. Jialat! Sure buy something one!

Say hello to my new Zodiac2, from Tapwave.

“It’s a defunct handheld gaming platform”, said James, “but value for money as a Palm-powered PDA”. “How value for money?” I asked.

And he told me that it’s not often you get a metal Palm device with 256Mb of memory, 2 memory slots and built-in bluetooth for just $299. So I had no choice but to buy it. Really.

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This one also no Fiona Xie included. But got Bluetooth, so it’s so easy to transfer files. Just zap-zap!

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Soft Toys

So I have the most beautiful notebook available on the market, and I really shouldn’t feel too bad about not being able to run certain things, like Google Earth, GoogleTalk (although it runs on iChat in limited fashion) and now this thing which I saw on James ‘Tech Guru’ Seng’s blog. But how? I want my 80+ channels of Chinese TV! Free!

Oh well, nair mind, I’ll just go play with this and this.

“I want double-eyelid surgery, but can only afford one at a time… how ah?”

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Slow from the album “Ultimate Kylie [Disc 2]” by Kylie Minogue of which I have the original CD.