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  • Gmail Mobile

    Get Gmail on the go! Now you can access your Gmail messages from the web browser on your mobile phone or device. Read and reply to your Gmail messages any time, check anywhere.

  • Google Homepage API Released

    Google Homepage API released The personalized homepage was created to bring together the stuff that interests you from across the web. From an engineering perspective, order this became an opportunity to create a framework for all types of content and information. Supporting RSS and Atom feeds was one step in that direction. read more | digg story

  • Google Earth for Mac OS X (Beta)

    Google Earth for Mac OS X (Beta): Today I woke up with a nice surprise email in my inbox. A anonymous reader tipped me off to a Beta version of Google Earth for Mac OS X. I don’t know what the system requirements are, but the program works great on my Powerbook. (1.67Ghz, 1.5GB RAM)…

  • iZap, uZap, everybardyZap!

    “With uZap, it’s so easy to get in shape. Just zap-zap!” Fiona Xie not included. Blarf people. It’s dangerous enough going to Funan. It’s a disaster for the wallet if you go to Funan with mrbrown and James Seng. Jialat! Sure buy something one! Say hello to my new Zodiac2, from Tapwave. “It’s a defunct…

  • Soft Toys

    So I have the