iZap, uZap, everybardyZap!

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“With uZap, it’s so easy to get in shape. Just zap-zap!” Fiona Xie not included. Blarf people.

It’s dangerous enough going to Funan. It’s a disaster for the wallet if you go to Funan with mrbrown and James Seng. Jialat! Sure buy something one!

Say hello to my new Zodiac2, from Tapwave.

“It’s a defunct handheld gaming platform”, said James, “but value for money as a Palm-powered PDA”. “How value for money?” I asked.

And he told me that it’s not often you get a metal Palm device with 256Mb of memory, 2 memory slots and built-in bluetooth for just $299. So I had no choice but to buy it. Really.

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This one also no Fiona Xie included. But got Bluetooth, so it’s so easy to transfer files. Just zap-zap!

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