Baby UnFair


They say becoming a parent makes you do things you never thought yourself capable of. Like driving miles to Singapore Expo, parking illegally anyhowly, and then joining the first hour crowds at the Mother and Baby Babycare Festival 2009.

If you’re in two minds about checking it out, let me take one mind off you and tell you it’s not worth the trouble.

I’m not saying it’s a crap event, but there is a car dealership stall as well as a property investment company stall so’s you can buy the car that goes with the baby car seat and then the time-share property that has a garage that you can park your car in.

There was also a spa company selling coupons for treatments which Naomi and I declined as politely as we could before making a break for it and going home after purchasing stuff from two brands we’ve been eyeing for a while, and which we coulda bought from downtown.

So if you’re into giving up your contact details to mailing list compilers, and the goodie bag that’s given to the first 1,000 queuers daily, by all means, make the trek there and join the crowd – you might pick up one or two things you need.

If you really have time on your hands – maybe you’ll want to listen to the property investment company’s spiel on their ‘baby property package’.

Kitting out baby

I’ve not been too busy to blog, and I blame Twitter.

Even then, I’ve not been twittering properly either. But with that out of the way, we have been busy getting the house ready for our still nameless baby, who arrives in 7 weeks.

We’ve been shopping around but not necessarily buying, and putting things on gift registries so our friends can buy stuff for us that we’ll use.

It’s bewildering (and tiring) for first time parents – the slew of baby monitors, thermometers, carriers, slings, sacks, sleeping bags, full body suits and other gear you wouldn’t expect a newborn baby to need. But they do.

We even saw what I think is a baby astronaut trainer. I could be wrong though – I think I saw buttons for spin dry and gentle washes:

Baby Astronaut Trainer from Benjamin Lee on Vimeo.

Naming rights (and wrongs)

It’s getting late in the game, and we’re no closer to settling on any name for our baby. It also doesn’t help that my surname (Lee) is not a very friendly name to pair with.

An old schoolmate has suggested a very memorable Righteous Valentine Lee. We are not considering it, although you have to admit that and Pilot Inspektor Lee do have a good ring to them.

Looking around for inspiration when I’m out and about town doesn’t really help either:

Baby name ideas

Underworld childbirth

Yesterday we congratulated our friends Mika and Gary because they’re brand new parents to a brand new baby boy, and we went and visited them at KKH just a couple of hours after she’d returned to the ward and enjoyed her first couple of hours of motherhood.

It was a happy afternoon all round, and it’s always a happy feeling around the maternity ward and the nursery and it was probably the only place in the whole world where I would have completely understood what the women in the corridors were talking about when they were discussing the merits of natural childbirth as opposed to a Sicilian one.