About Mr Miyagi

Mr Miyagi, a.k.a. Benjamin Lee lives divides his time between several day jobs and loves being anywhere with his wife and son.

His blog, My Very Own Glob {Curiosa Felicitas}, was created in April 2004 on Blogger, and after much badgering from established bloggers like mrbrown, moved here in August 2005.

Since then, he’s been writing on and off this blog (full folio here), irking the Establishment on occasion, who’ve responded in the best possible way by hiring him to irk other people: Mindef for one, after interrogating him about unauthorised blogging about military affairs, commissioned him to write a comic book to commemorate 40 years of National Service in Singapore, titled “In My Time”, which was on the Straits Times Bestsellers’ List for October 2007.

2007 also saw Benjamin successfully trying his hand at a new brand of staged comedy, notably, writing his first stage/theatre production for Hossan Leong: Multiple Personalities Disorder, a stand-up and sketch comedy show which played to packed houses in February 2007.

Other comedians have long known Benjamin to be the quick fix comedy doctor, with Irene Ang hiring him to pen the sellout “Irene Ang in the V-Conference” – the show Benjamin found out that even if the MDA allowed the use of the word “Vagina” in a show title, corporate sponsors aren’t as open-minded.

In 2009, Benjamin fulfilled one of his ambitions – to write a show to be staged at the Esplanade. “Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up” played to full houses and rave reviews.

Benjamin runs Telling Stories Pte Ltd, which provides writers and media consultants for projects across genres.

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One response to “About Mr Miyagi”

  1. mrbrown’s blog a funny chapt about.. neh neh? lolz. kinda weird. voted for mrbrown and he is still behind xiaxue. hopefully miracle will happen and he will win. I support mr miyagi too. but, I think, hesmokes. that kinda puts me off. but nevertheless, I did vote for him. read an article in the Today newspaper written by mr miyagi. was kinda shocked. Putfile bans Singapore just to protest hanging as an execution method in Singapore. thats so…(loss of words)