Mediacorp’s Shameful Advertising Lorry

In this day and age! Seriously, the LTA should ban Mediacorp, or more precisely, Mediacorp’s subsidiary, OOH, (another forced acronym) from owning vehicles.

I get that you can use ad space on buses, MRT trains and taxis. But to use a lorry just to carry a billboard around our already jam-packed roads during f**king peak hour traffic is unbelievably irresponsible. OOH obviously doesn’t care for the environment or people for that matter. These lorries really do nothing! They don’t carry goods! They don’t carry passengers! They should be run off the road!

Not surprisingly, the only ads I’ve seen on these lorries have been for Marina Bay Sands.

Makes you want to run them off the road.
Makes you want to run them off the road.
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