Home Team Festival 2013

I have something to recommend for a weekend family activity:

The Home Team Festival 2013 kicks off tomorrow 1pm, 8 Nov 2013 and runs till Sunday 10 Nov.

Held at the huge Singapore Expo Hall 4, it’s packed with more family-friendly activity than an amusement park. And unlike Universal Studios, this one is free.

I know Kai will enjoy the kid-specific goodie bag, the CSI-style activities like fingerprint dusting and clue collecting. For a boy his age, he’s also gonna be thrilled with the number of really cool vehicles in the various Home Team agency’s motor pool.

The Family & Fun Zone will also have activities for older kids and adults – like a specially set up tree-top adventurer course that involves rock-climbing, abseiling and para-jumping.

It’ll be also be a great chance to teach your kids about what the cops, firemen and paramedics do to earn their keep. I’m told there’ll be photo ops with kid-sized versions of the various Home Team uniforms.

The Festival is divided into six zones:

Secure Border
Crime Control & Rehab
Family & Fun
Keeping Us Safe
Vehicle gallery
Join Us

Download the Home Team Festival 2013 app (for iOS and Android) for information on opening hours, transport and other information.

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