Avoid The Unexpected: Shield Your Travels

Naomi and I make it a point to travel as much as we can while Kai is young, not least due to the fact we can still get children’s discounts. It also helps us a lot that people generally like Kai and treat us better as a result.

Traveling with kids can be difficult, especially on long journeys. You have to find out whether there are restrooms, rest stops, proper food, entertainment, medical facilities if needed, and when Kai was much younger, the bulk of our luggage was literally made up of his diapers (because we no trust China diaper).

I buy travel insurance every time we go somewhere, just so we get covered for unforeseen things like delays or illness. Clinic visits can be expensive, as we found out once in Shanghai, when Kai had a spectacular bout of projectile vomiting. At a Singapore-branded medical chain clinic, the bill came up to US$200.

Our friends had a horror travel story very recently – the A380 that was supposed to have taken them home from Australia was found to have had technical issues while the crew was doing pre-flight checks. A few rounds of boarding and disembarkations ensued, together with confused ground staff at the check-ins and a total of an 8 hour delay which caused a stomach upset severe enough for our friends to seek several days’ medical leave when they finally got home.

When you’re going on a much deserved, hard earned holiday, the last thing you want is for something to screw up so badly that it destroys the whole trip. So it makes complete sense every time for us to just pay a small premium on top of our tickets, just so we can dampen the blow of something shitty happening (or in Kai’s case, something vomitty happening).

DBS’ Travellershield is a travel insurance plan that now has an event alert service for travelers who buy the product. Say for example if there’s a riot happening in the city you’re about to head to next, but you haven’t had the chance to watch tv or be online to know of it, TravelAlert Service will send an SMS telling you about it and advising you to make alternate plans in your itinerary.

The TravelAlert Service is exclusive to the new TravellerShield Single Trip Premier Plan and Classic & Premier Annual Plan purchases via the DBS website or branches.

This weekend, DBS TravellerShield has a launch event at Ngee Ann City.

DBS will be having an event this Sat 26 Oct and Sun 27 Oct at Ngee Ann City Basement 2 from 12PM to 9PM where a photo booth will be installed and you can get your photo taken at the booth for FREE!

Your photo will then be uploaded on to DBS Facebook Page after which you can tag yourself and ask your friends to vote for you so you stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. Online voting ends 11 Nov at 12PM.

I’ll be there to take a couple of selfies to try to win a trip. Plus, if you sign up by 31 December, you’ll get 25% off TravellerShield covers and what they call a “free” gift.

Visit http://bit.ly/UnexpectedHoliday to find out more.

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