Vacationing Half An Hour’s Drive Away

Dessert at The KnollsThe Pea Hen and her chickAunty Mel says it's the same kinda view we have from our home. Basket.Like my new photo filter? It's called "filter out the other tourists".Same birthday, another cake (ice cream)!Many of our family photos involve cake, ice-cream or cutleryBack in the room, and another surpriseThis was not at Cat Cora's Ocean RestaurantKai can fly

Last week we decided we needed a break from routine, and stayed on Sentosa for an ownself-made long weekend. I never thought I’d say this, especially after years of making fun of the place as “Singapore’s Last Resort Island”, but Sentosa’s really grown on us. Well, it’s really kinda just grown, actually. There’re now so many things to do, so many somethings for everyone, that it takes more than just a weekend to cover every activity.

This was our third Sentosa staycation, and we packed in a buffet dinner, a celebrity chef lunch, an aquarium visit, a birthday dinner, a trapeze try out, a daily swim, and we still managed to get more sleep a night than we’ve had for a long time.

We also managed to do the first-world tourist loser thing and get lost while scooting at night (we brought our own kick-scooters) on the hotel’s grounds that we had to be rescued by staff with a buggy.

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