Competition Is Good For Health

I’m glad the little “Healthy Rivalry” campaign that mrbrown and myself are doing for HPB is making people interested in what we’re eating (and cheating) for our daily meals.

More importantly, people have also gotten interested in what the Healthy Lifestyle Index is about.

The HLI is a very simple survey about health and wellness, and the HPB is encouraging as many people as possible to take it. I’m glad that there’s the rivalry element to it. Misery may love company, but wellness loves a crowd – so pair up with a friend to take the HLI and see how you match up.

Apparently, people tend to rate themselves healthier than they actually are – so this could also serve as a reality barometer of sorts.

Meantime, mrbrown and myself are having quite a bit of fun egging each other on with what we’re having for our meals. In the coming days we’ll be comparing our daily activities – he bikes a lot, so I’m about to get my bike out from the storeroom and get the tyres inflated.

Take the HLI here:

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