Fool For A Cigarette

I keep saying that people don’t make a big enough deal about how much of an addiction smoking really is. Calling it a “habit” is really understating it, unless you were talking about a heroin “habit” or a cocaine “habit”.

And while I’m sure there are people who’ve used weaning methods like nicotine gums, patches and e-cigarettes (smokeless, tar-less vaporisers) and succeeded in kicking the “habit”, the fact that you need to use a chemical to replace your dependence on the same chemical says a lot about how nasty this smoking business is.

I tried nicotine gums and patches once – at the same time. It felt so intense I decided I needed a cigarette to calm me down. I’m pretty sure I damaged some synapses or something with that episode.

When I was in the Army my priorities for field training were in this order: 1. pack enough cigarettes to last the training, 2. make sure they are in waterproof bag, 3. pack field pack”.

I know of smokers who’d walk through blizzards and hailstorms just to spend their last $12 on a pack of ciggies, or beg someone to give them one. These are hallmarks of a serious addiction, and you’d be very lucky if it didn’t ruin your health and you.

Luckily the difference between cigarettes and illegal drugs like heroin is that the physical craving / withdrawal symptoms of cigarette addiction is far less painful and lengthy. I read somewhere that if your body can get over the nicotine pangs, you’re good after three minutes.

If you’re ready to quit, I support you getting over it. It’s easier than you think. I smoked for over 20 years and quit in two days. Quit for yourself and your family. I did.

These days, the first thing I look forward to in the morning is not lighting up one to get me going, but spending a good few minutes playing with my son before he gets ready for pre-school.

Sleepyhead Papa and happy kid. (I tried to make him pose with the “I Quit” sign, but couldn’t stop him moving).

Check out the I Quit Club on FB and get the support you need to quit.

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