What Kind Of Life Do You Want?

Vacations are usually the times when you compare how small and expensive Singapore is, and how life is so, so much better on idyllic locales such as the one I’m spending time with my family at right now.

Instead of griping about how lousy Singapore is, however, I think it’s high time we thought of how to make it as good as the places we like visiting.

Instead of “waiting for gahmen” to do something, why not start being thought leaders, and think of how we can make this place awesome?

The survey at bit.ly/sgpplus is a small start – aimed at getting to know what Singaporeans think about their lives, their priorities. It’s a private initiative (not gahmen), and anybody also can join in.

There’s a choice of five initiatives at the end of the survey for you to choose from, and Philips will support the one with the most support and make it happen. It’s part of an initiative called The + Project by Philips, which has had great success in countries like Indonesia, where people have voted for useful improvements such as street lighting and better school equipment in the more remote villages.

That doesn’t mean your ideas are limited to those five, though – you can tweet with the hashtag #sgplus, and we’ll be posting the more interesting ones right here and on twitter.

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