Fungal Infusions

Once I found out I was suffering from hypertension, I wasted no time and went to Funan to buy a blood pressure monitor dock that works with iOS. Mais well, right?

So it turns out that without hypertension medication (I’m only on two types of statins), my BP has come down from 157/90 to 129/90. I’d like to think my diet has something to do with it, but my mother-in-law will attest that it is her insistence that I drink this yucky infusion of black fungus and goji berries, boiled and chopped into bits that stick to your teeth, every morning, that has something to do with it.

Anyone else has other BP-lowering foods your families swear by?

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4 responses to “Fungal Infusions”

  1. Riani Avatar

    My mom drinks Rosella tea – dried rosella buds infused in hot water. Tangy!

  2. greenchilli Avatar

    Wow, 157/90 down to 129/90. Care to share your mom-in-law’s recipe? My BP is also around 150/90. Best I can get is down to 140/90 with diet + exercise 🙁

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Keep at it! MIL says she boils the crap out of the fungus then puts it in a blender. Either that or she doesn’t want me to have the recipe.


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