Kai and Kai Finally Meet

Kai is three plus and so is Kai. But because they live on opposite sides of the world, this past weekend was the first time they’ve met.

You cannot make this shit up: My schoolmate Colin Goh’s kid was born 7:45pm EST on 3 April 2009 in New York. Our son was born 7:15am in Singapore – that’s 1/2 an hour apart. But there’s more. They’re both named Kai – only Colin’s Kai a girl.

At their playmate on Sunday, the two Kais got on like a house on fire, and they quickly figured out how to differentiate their names. Colin’s Kai called herself Kai-Kai, while our Kai was just Kai.

The one thing we forgot to do was to make both Kais pick 4D numbers. Might do that for their next playdate.

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