A Week After The Uneventful Angiogram

Anyone else had an angiogram before and whose arm aches like all buggery even after a week? Mine does.

But apart from that, I’ve rested a few days, gone straight into work at writing the Hossan Leong Show: Flying Solo with Hirzi and Jasmine (the multi-tasking Stage Manager) – got your tickets yet? – and have continued eating healthily without being too Fascist about it, because birthdays do come with cakes, and it’s all about eating a lot less of it rather than saying no food and drink allowed.

Like I mentioned before I’ve had great help staying on the wagon because of Naomi’s meal planning, as well as our champion helper’s initiatives – just check out this lunch I’ve just eaten: Wholemeal tortilla with pea sprouts, tomato and chickpea salsa, avocado and organic smoked cheddar. Stuff you can stuff/wrap and stuff yourself with easily.

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One response to “A Week After The Uneventful Angiogram”

  1. jacqueline Avatar

    wraps are absolutely awesome! that looks really delicious. it is inspiring to read about how you change your diet. i made a decision to become a vegan earlier on this year and that is the best decision i have ever made. you get to be creative with food and it tastes good too! =)

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