Your First Real Automobile

If you haven’t already read my friends’ accounts of their firsts, here are the links:

Melody Chen tells of her first bungy jump. It would already have been memorable before even considering the fact she is terribly acrophobic, and that her first jump was filmed for a reality tv show, later broadcast to homes across the region. Actually, it was her blood curdling screams that most people remember Mel’s first jump for.

Randall Tan’s first pair of football boots – the magical pair that kicks the ball further, curls it into the imaginary net behind the keeper guarding the goal made from a pair of slippers, which were worn before we got our boots. Every kid in the 80s knows how it was like playing soccer in our slippers – if you could kiap your slippers while taking a free kick, you could do anything.

What firsts jog your memory? Have a think and check back here, maybe after checking out the Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI – released this weekend, and hopefully becoming several people’s memorable first cars.

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