Sick Of The Flu

There has to be several strains of flu going around, and there has to be an epidemic with one or all of them. I cannot possibly be sick for so many weeks – getting better then getting sick again. My upper respiratory tract is having its own Groundhog Day.

GP clinic waiting rooms are packed, and not just on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings. Something is seriously up. MOH (more health alerts, fewer Ministers’ speeches please), what say you?

While the following info graphic is based on statistics in the U.S. (I spent SGD $59.90 at the clinic yesterday) – just agak a bit and you’ll still find it quite staggering:

Cost of the Flu Infographic


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One response to “Sick Of The Flu”

  1. Kinmun Lee Avatar

    I sick of the flu toooooooo!

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