Yes, some of our CPF money goes into Temasek & GIC

Just not in the form it used to be, so not counted as CPF money.

This and other interesting facts about our CPF money over at YouSayISayWhoConfirm.SG


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3 responses to “Yes, some of our CPF money goes into Temasek & GIC”

  1. Haikang Tan Avatar
    Haikang Tan

    part of the CPF monies is also used as HDB loans. HDB is lending out at CPF rate + 0.1%.

  2. Louis Tan Avatar

    I really like the idea behind YouSayISayWhoConfirm.SG, but is it possible to have some sort of web feed, or at least a dedicated Twitter feed, to let readers subscribe to it?

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      We’re still working on it. The back room boys are busy with their other job of delivering presents to children around the world. Will keep you posted.

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