Month: November 2011

  • Yes, some of our CPF money goes into Temasek & GIC

    Just not in the form it used to be, so not counted as CPF money. This and other interesting facts about our CPF money over at YouSayISayWhoConfirm.SG  

  • Golf GTI Party Report

    I was actually taken by surprise when I tried to make my way on time for the Golf GTI35 Party at Kallang AirportĀ last night. I was already running late getting to the north end of the premises, where the map of the event said I should head, when I got stuck in a queue of…

  • Volkswagen GTI 35th Anniversary Celebrations

    A friend commented yesterday about “Volkswagen” being literally (German) “People’s Car”. Well, one of the “People’s Cars” has grown up, and in fact, turns 35 this year. You could call the Golf GTI the “Sporty People’s Car”, and you could say you think of it when you think about hatchbacks. There’s a party this weekend…