Sparky’s back

Starhub’s popular TVC character returns in a new series of interactive ads to be screened from 26 August. How do you interact with the ad? You need to download the Hub It! app and fire it up.

I had a chance to try it out at a preview (and crashed the app), and it’s pretty impressive.

But of course, the important thing is, there are prizes to be won. In fact prizes have already been won.

Why fly a kite when you can fly yourself?

For Wednesdays in September 2011 only, show this post (on your mobile device) to iFly Singapore’s ticketing booths and get an Adult First Timer Challenge Package for only S$59 (U.P. S$89).

Thanks iFly for treating me (and a bunch of bloggers) to this fantastic experience. I really like the idea of skydiving without the hassle of jumping out of an airplane, and having to deal with the weather.

So for 1/5th the price of a tandem skydive, you get to experience the exact same thing (once the divers reach terminal velocity that is) but in the world’s largest vertical wind tunnel.

Check out my first and second flights: