Smoking lady

There’s a woman who works in my office building who is always downstairs smoking in the atrium. Every time I go out of the building, and I mean every time, she’s there, puffing away, either alone or chatting with other people. I see her smoking at least three times a day. Nobody knows how many other times she’s there smoking, and being away from her desk.

Or maybe she doesn’t work. Hmmm.

In other news, the Afro-Asia Building (I know right, what a name) across the road is still closed after Wednesday’s fatal fire.

Nice is different than good

Last night Naomi and I took what little time we had and got our tickets to watch Dream Academy’s production of Into The Woods.

It was the best musical I have seen in a long, long time, and I am so thankful that Selena Tan took a punt and decided to stage this wonderful (and devilishly difficult) Sondheim musical this year.

It is a rare gem, and there are four shows left in the last two days of its run.

If you ever wished for great musical theatre performed by the best of Singapore’s (and some of West End’s) musical talent – the grant is in Into The Woods.

It is that good. So go get your tickets.

P.S. If like us, you rush to the Esplanade after work to watch a show and have only 10 minutes for dinner, dine at Simply Peranakan – you can wolf down a nonya chap chye and satay ayam plus rice and drinks in 8, pay the bill and still make it in time for the top of the show. Pride of place in the restaurant’s window display is a letter from President Obama thanking them for their “tremendous” food.

Without a doubt

We were looking through Naomi’s old photos trying to compile a slide show for her brother’s memorial gathering, and naturally spent a lot of time looking at many other family photos.

What struck us, was of course how much Kai looks like his mother. Will you just lookadat!

Mama's Kai
Kai's Mama