Month: March 2011

  • Cleaning up the birdshit

    It will have been one month this weekend since my mother’s passing. We’ve kept busy and we’ve tried to keep our emotions at bay for the most part, allowing ourselves only spurts of grieving. I still hope that maybe if I keep busy for long enough, I might let the passage of time dull grief.…

  • CNA marketing VP, please rot

    For sending out this email, the Channelnews Asia marketing and communications vice-president should rot – on earth first, alive, then reconstitute herself and rot in hell again, over and over. The same goes for any company or person who even contemplates her offer.

  • Mobile roaming

    Some of my late mother’s friends, on hearing of her passing, took to texting her on her mobile with tributes and messages of how shocked they were and how much they would miss her. I kept her mobile, an Phone4, for a few days before I passed it to my sister, who’ll be keeping it…