It would be hell if the restaurants weren’t so good

Naomi and I hadn’t spent enough time looking through what’s on offer at the Marina Bay Sands, so we were very excited to discover that ‘celebrity chefs’ had set up shop in the massive casino complex.

There’s Mario Batali, Tetsuya Wakuda, Hide Yamamoto, and Singapore’s own drink-driving Justin Quek amongst several others. And we only found this out because we were invited by a friend of Naomi’s mum’s to Hide Yamamoto’s.

We have no idea how much dinner would’ve cost if we had paid for it ourselves, but we supped from 8pm to 11pm, so you can imagine how much we enjoyed the food there.

We think the food’s good enough reason to brave the bad air (cigarette smoke lingering in the whole atrium) and desperate gambler types that hang around the giant casino and make the whole place look like the hall full of aliens in Men In Black.

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