Ingterneck company boss pwned by Rockson’s Horse

It’s been an entertaining couple of days online.

I guess sometimes when someone appears rude to you, you might take it personally and react in the dumbest possible way. I feel for Nuffnang’s @bossming, Mr Cheo, cos it’s pretty hard to live down this epic pwnage, especially if you’re the boss of an internet social media new generation funky startup company that’s supposed to know how the web works.

For the rest of us, we’ve been around the ingterneck long enough to know you don’t mess with the Rock, even if he blogs just once a year.

KNN, my Horse is so big, can win a GRC all by himself, I think! Hahahahahahahaahahaha!

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One response to “Ingterneck company boss pwned by Rockson’s Horse”

  1. molemole Avatar

    Big horse is very good. LOL bo beh zao~~ woohoo

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