Apple Corner

Anyone who’s been to the ToTT Store in Bukit Timah will know what a kitchen wonderland it is, chock full of appliances we can’t afford, plus an IKEA-style cafeteria that is suspiciously not as crowded as IKEA’s cafeteria.

We had been looking for an apple corer over the weekend, because one of our new projects required coring many apples at a go, and doing it the conventional way would mean at least half a dozen apples going bad before we finished a batch.

We called ToTT, and some friendly chap called Thud (but who spelled his name as “Thad”) very helpfully went around the 36,000sf store and found three types of corers in stock, and said to come down and take a look.

We did, found a Jamie Oliver Twist N Slide Apple Corer, and asked one of Thud’s colleagues for the other two types. They looked it up on their computer and said, “Sorry, it’s the only one”.

We said, “No, your colleague Thad said there were three!”

They said, “Thad? Oh. Thud. Wait, we call him and ask.”, and picked up the phone and said, “Hello? Thud? Gut one customer say you tell dem gut three kind of apple corner, but we cannut pine. Dut’s what we entered: APPLE CORNER. Don’t hub. OK, I look again”.

We bought the Jamie Oliver Twist N Slide in the end.

Jamie Oliver cornering an apple
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5 responses to “Apple Corner”

  1. Keropokman Avatar

    haha.. u meant Corer and not Corner. I thought there’s a new Apple Shop at ToTT ;-p

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      That would make ToTT really awesome, wouldn’t it?

  2. Dez Avatar

    to prevent apples from oxidizing and turning black after peeling and coring them, soak them in cold water with some lemon juice. u can rub the exposed surface with a cut lemon as well but the cored center will be hard to get to.

  3. shuwei Avatar

    may i know where in singapore did u buy the apple corer?

    1. Mr Miyagi Avatar

      Tott on Dunearn Road

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