Useful Christmas Gifts #5: Walking With Dinosaurs

When he heard there was a show called Walking With Dinosaurs, a wiseacre I know said, “Hey, isn’t that when you join the entourage of a PAP MP election walkabout?”

I didn’t have much high hopes for it to be an entertainment highlight of our weekend either, but if you were to have seen our baby boy’s delight in watching what he calls “Didotaur” in action, you might just feel that the price of admission is worth it. (Tickets range from $38 – $148 for this 100min show).

Kai even sat in his seat through intermission, chanting, “Didotaur” for the whole 15 minutes. We had to go and buy him a Didotaur soft toy later because he kept signing (we taught him sign) for “more” after we left the arena.

So if you know of anyone with kids who don’t know what to do this weekend, buy them tickets.

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