The Event

Naomi and I enjoy television – the hours after Kai goes to bed and before we do are usually (if I don’t have any work to do) spent mindlessly watching our favourite channels and programs.

Universal Channel (That’s Channel 512 for those whose lives changed forever after Starhub went and changed the numbering) isn’t on our favourites, but we’ll see if this new series that premieres Wednesday night changes that.

It’s called ‘The Event‘, and it looks promising, judging by the trailer. What’s more remarkable is that the series premiered in the U.S. only a month ago (September 20) – when we usually get the goods on our screens a season or two late.

The series takes the age-old conspiracy theory that alien landings/contact/abduction were covered up by the U.S. government, for reasons that will make sense once you watch the damn thing — I dunno, I haven’t watched any episode, and will, like many others, catch it first on Universal Channel.

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2 responses to “The Event”

  1. Teabie Avatar

    That poster of the cast looks so Heroes-que.

  2. Teabie Avatar

    That poster of the cast looks so Heroes-que.

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