Long days, wide nights

It’s been a long week at work and home.
Let’s start with home – Kai was struck by some stomach bug that Hossan says has been going around, because people in Mediacorp in their fortress on Caldecott Hill have been falling over, throwing up and all that.
We’re usually quite relaxed when Kai gets a cold or has the runs, but this week was the first time he’s actually not wanted to play.
(Last year when he had dengue fever, he actually put on weight in hospital where he was warded for a week to receive blood platelet transfusions).
So it was with much relief and joy that he got his appetite for food and play back today. And it was so good to have him run at me to give me a hug after work today.
Don’t get me wrong, I really really enjoy work and the people I get to work with. But things happen.
You know what? Let’s not get into work. I’ll just leave it at the hug my son gave me this evening.

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3 responses to “Long days, wide nights”

  1. janelle Avatar

    That’s a really cute photo of Kai. Glad to hear that he’s feeling better (:

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