Very full now, just ate my words

I watched snippets of the YOG opening ceremony, and spent another hour on the Youth Olympic News Channel on Starhub TV watching interviews and re-runs and wondered why they didn’t have that on earlier. I learned many things about the Games and the athletes participating which should have been in the local media but wasn’t.

But back to the Opening Ceremony. It was very impressive, right down to the giant monster that a boy, who was later interviewed on YON Channel, described as “very fluffy”.

You guys pulled off a great show – which was the only thing needed to get this bloody country to rally behind you. No need for calls to be gracious and fines to be imposed should those calls be unheeded.

The icing on the cake this weekend for me, a non-soccer fan, was the home-grown Singapore youth football team beating, nay, thrashing the daylights out of the hitherto cocky Zimbabweans, who had earlier predicted a 5-0 routing of our Lion Cubs. I was thrilled to see such an exuberant performance from a team from our shores.

If they grow up playing like this, we might just hear the Kallang Roar again (ok, and after they demolish and rebuild the National Stadium, and ask to be part of the Malaysia Cup again too).

Keep at it, boys. Show the older sporting folk how it’s done – by throwing everything at the opposition.

Top points also to the 12 year old boy who ran after the torch and single-handedly restored meaning to the Olympic torch relay after it had been inexplicably given legs by Mediacorp (yah, I know, WTF?) artistes on the first day.

My words go down well with a tall glass of wheat beer, by the way.

Games of the 1st Youth Olympiad, Singapore 2010
Har? #sgflood again?
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6 responses to “Very full now, just ate my words”

  1. Wilson Ang Avatar
    Wilson Ang

    Thanks for this entry. I agree with you Mr Miyagi. 🙂

  2. X' Ho Avatar
    X’ Ho

    I recommend throwing ‘Once, The Jolly Hangman’ & ‘A Nation Cheated’ at the opposition.. to wake them up! Jham see dtong (Cantonese-speak) is suspiciously unreal, what with PAP’s stamp of tolerated approval all over them, thus changing the semantics of the word “to oppose”. Poor (artificial) Singapore!

  3. Kheng Yeow Avatar
    Kheng Yeow

    I think you’re eating your words a tad too soon, Miyagi. It’s the “whole process”, not just the “opening”. Wait for it to run its full course before concluding… On a side note, regurgitation might help clear the stomach :p

  4. Ashinigami Avatar

    Wow, when you sell out, you really sell out.

  5. The Void Deck Avatar

    Yeee. Opening ceremony ok lah, not say PWAH mouth open big big, but not say KNS. But I is happy for the Sg athletes in the games, their chance liao to gain XP and level up. Oso I appreciate “volunteers” who help out in YOG to make it work hehe “volunteers” is maybe like last time NS those type…

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