Oh, so that’s what a tantrum sounds like

Ow! Ow!

Kai is growing really quickly. Every day he comes up with something new. Like yesterday morning, he tried taking off his pyjamas on his own – and I know I can’t be bothered to word the event in a more exciting fashion, because if you’re not a parent, you won’t get why I’m so amazed and proud anyway. Just like the time he said “chicken”.

If I were to dig through this blog’s archives, I’d probably find some post where I wrote “bring on the terrible twos”, but because we have to run after Kai almost every waking minute of the day, I simply don’t have time to dig through this blog’s archives.

But bring it on he has. Naomi and I are currently experiencing the brunt of Kai’s spectacular meltdowns. They happen without warning, out of the blue, as sudden and unexpected as an Orchard Road flash flood.

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