Pinkdot 2010

Yesterday evening we brought Kai with us to Hong Lim Park to help make a big pink dot in support of the country’s gay and lesbian community.

We didn’t actually get to be part of the human formation that was photographed, because Kai was busy practicing walking, his hands held by two of his favourite aunties.

But we were glad we attended. Because while this year’s Pink Dot “honours kinship and family – in support and recognition of… relatives and friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Singaporeans”, Naomi and I really want to thank our friends who’ve shown us so much love and affection all through our marriage and having Kai.

To anyone who has the misfortune of having been led to think that to support the rights of the LGBT community is tantamount to shunning family values should take a look at my brand new family – we are so loved by our friends – gay, straight or whatever.

Apart from a Godma, Kai has a “Butch Mama” and a “Fairy Godfather” among his many, many aunties and uncles who dote on him and his parents.

All I have to do is look at the basket of toys and dresser full of clothes that belong to Kai – the majority of them have been given by our LGBT superhero friends, who also come by and play with our son as often as work allows them. I can’t imagine our life without these friends of ours.

We are really grateful for the support, love and understanding that our gay and lesbian friends have given us in building our family. So, for us, Pink Dot is about recognizing you, for the roles you play in Kai’s, Naomi’s and my life.

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  2. sloosloo Avatar

    Thats a lovely tribute to all the people who have had a part to play in your family's life. And I am sure the LBGT community is very happy for your support as well. All the best!

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  4. Guest Avatar

    Good to know of your support! Can't wait for your blogpost on Kai bringing home his first boyfriend. 😉

  5. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    By that time, we'll have to ask his permission to do any such thing.

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  7. phone number lookup Avatar

    I really enjoy reading your posts. Even though my views differ a little bit, I still enjoy them.

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