Kai turns one

And so, our son turned one on Sunday, accompanied by the aunties and uncles who love him and have showered him with so much affection this past year.

Naomi fixed up most of the decorations for the little tea-party, as well as most of the desserts, while we’re thankful we have a chef among our friends that whipped up the hot food. We’re exhausted but happy, and so is Kai.

Bring on toddlerhood and the terrible twos!

One of the few things we bought instead of making – the Happy Birthday garland

I printed the flags. Naomi made the Rice Krispy Treats, found the templates for the flags, got a friend to design another, emailed them to me, and then glued them to toothpicks

The Birthday-Easter Goody Bag consisted of cupcakes, other sugary treats and a set of home-made (i.e. Naomi-made) coasters

The cupcakes – green because it’s Kai’s favourite color, and teal because it goes well on him.

We didn’t make these. Cadbury did.

Irregular shaped means they’re home-made

These were harder to cut out than expected

Naomi made these pretty pinwheels a few weeks ago for the kids to bring home.

My sole contribution – the salad

Hats off to Chef Ray Tan for the very good hot food selection of bangers and mash and quesadillas

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate

The Birthday Wish Board

The Photo-Garland wall consists of pictures of Kai from Day 1

The tissue pom poms were made in time thanks to friends who volunteered – and who ended up making pom poms till 6am on the day of the party

Pretty buntings made thanks to the timely loan of a sewing machine and some nice fabric from Chinatown

Best birthday ever, even if Kai won’t remember it

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9 responses to “Kai turns one”

  1. The Conscious Life Avatar

    What a lovely party! Happy Belated Birthday, Kai!

  2. jomelchaton Avatar

    Happy Birthday, Kai 🙂

  3. keropokman Avatar

    Happy Birthday Kai!

    That's a lot of work done!

  4. mm_latte Avatar

    Hi Mr. Miyagi and Naomi,
    I love the pinwheels. May I know now it is made? love the prints on the paper too!

  5. ailina Avatar

    Pretty~ May i know where Naomi got the templates for the flags?

  6. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    As soon as she manages to find it, I'll put up the link.

  7. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    There are templates for them on the net. Just find one you like the look of, and go get some nice paper – you can find some nice patterns in used christmas and birthday present wrappers.

  8. mm_latte Avatar

    Thanks Mr. Miyagi.

  9. leslie Avatar

    love your photos and pretty bday decors!

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