A year and a week

Not good toys when you're trying to have a quiet day

It’s been a rough week since Kai’s birthday – with both Naomi and I under the weather with bouts of food poisoning, flu, and in Naomi’s case, a crook back that is a bit worrying, especially considering she’s had her spine surgerised before.

And of course, a one-year old never lets up.

Kai isn’t quite walking yet, but he’s learned to: pick his nose; climb the side of the playpen; point at objects (mostly food) he wants; drink (more like gulp) from a cup; drink cow’s milk; eat ramen; eat la mian; make a new noise-word every day (like Rararararara – even though he hasn’t heard any Lady Gaga); and more importantly, hug his Papa tightly every morning once he’s been picked up from his cot.

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  1. Hi I have been looking for the mat that you have in your playpen. Where can I find one? Do you know what material is it made up of? Thanks!

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