A year and a week

Not good toys when you're trying to have a quiet day

It’s been a rough week since Kai’s birthday – with both Naomi and I under the weather with bouts of food poisoning, flu, and in Naomi’s case, a crook back that is a bit worrying, especially considering she’s had her spine surgerised before.

And of course, a one-year old never lets up.

Kai isn’t quite walking yet, but he’s learned to: pick his nose; climb the side of the playpen; point at objects (mostly food) he wants; drink (more like gulp) from a cup; drink cow’s milk; eat ramen; eat la mian; make a new noise-word every day (like Rararararara – even though he hasn’t heard any Lady Gaga); and more importantly, hug his Papa tightly every morning once he’s been picked up from his cot.

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4 responses to “A year and a week”

  1. cindy Avatar

    so sweet to read of his developments. hope you and naomi both feel much better real soon. *hugs*

  2. Hartini Avatar

    Hi I have been looking for the mat that you have in your playpen. Where can I find one? Do you know what material is it made up of? Thanks!

  3. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Thanks Cindy. How's the family?

  4. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    It's actually made by LG. And we bought it from this company/firm called “World of Korea”.

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