Yesterday was National Good Service Day

Well, it was for us. And well, not quite “national”, but Orchard and Scotts Road make up 90% of Singapore, so can lah. And this is not just to “balance out” the posts about the horrible service we’ve been getting.

At Orchard Ion:

A security guard held the lift door for Naomi, myself and Kai in pram while we were 10m away from the lifts. She then asked which floor we were going so she could make sure the lift was going in the right direction, then she wished us a good evening.

The waiter at TWG Tea Company offered to push Kai’s pram so we wouldn’t have to negotiate the aisles ourselves, then offered to give Kai some macaroons which we had to decline because Kai’s too young to have macaroons. (But we weren’t, so dammit, shoulda said yes), then gave Kai a couple of slices of brioche for him to munch on. And for a change, the waiters knew their menu well and could describe their offerings more than reading out what was in the menu.

The staff at Prologue – an upmarket branch of popular bookstore Popular Bookstore were excellent – they found what we wanted in a snap, gave Kai a kiddy book to fiddle with while we browsed (and when Kai didn’t want to let go of the book and we had to buy it, managed to peel the barcode off it and scan it), and were generally very polite and helpful.

At Goodwood Park Hotel:

The doormen rushed to Naomi’s door and helped her out while she carried Kai, then later while I had to recharge my cashcard, asked if she would like to wait in the shade because it was a hot day out.

OK now, the rest of Singapore, follow suit please.

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