Why we only have rude kids who know how to pass exams

The Kindegarten

The things I remember from kindergarten (oh yes I do) are nap time and snack time, and the number of other kids’ birthdays we used to celebrate with songs and games and cake. There was very little math, spelling or reading, though there was also storytime.

But apparently, in the decades since, things have been quite different and it’s only now that kindy kids are getting to play in our pre-schools. Poor things:

(From CNA)

SINGAPORE: Education is also about playing – and this is what educators are getting pre-schoolers to do.

Some 1,000 teachers and principals were at the inaugural International Conference on Early Childhood Education on Friday to exchange ideas on how to engage and inspire pre-schoolers.

The conference was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

In the past, pre-school teachers emphasised spelling and writing. But educators now say this teaching approach has changed.

Josephine Teo, chairman, Steering Committee, International Conference on Early Childhood Education 2010 said: “There is greater recognition that even in the early childhood years, play is an important component, and play in fact does lead to a great deal of learning.”

Sheila Ho, principal, PCF-Sparkletots Child Care Centre, Queenstown & Alexandra Branches said: “They will have the chance to learn their spelling in their primary schools.

“Give these pre-school children their childhood life – like playing with blocks, all these. It is not only from books. They can memorise, they can learn better through hands-on.”

Maybe we should have done what Japanese pre-schools have been doing (via @jseng).

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  1. bookjunkie Avatar

    i wish kids in Singapore could enjoy their childhood and not have school till age 7

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