Construction mystery

Let's see how much noise this makes

There is something unusual about the construction site next door, where they are probably trying to squeeze ten houses into a plot that used to house one.

At about 8 in the morning, when they are legally allowed to start banging about, they start banging about, hammering things here and there, dropping something that sounds like their hammer on something that sounds like a metal sheet floor, with several reverberating clangs.

Then at about 9 plus, the banging, hammering and clanging stops.

Does anyone in the construction industry know what’s going on? Especially in light of recent reports about the abysmal productivity rates?

Is it that the banging, hammering and clanging work is normally scheduled for between 8am and 9am? And then from 9am to 5pm, the workers either guide traffic or quietly meditate?

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5 thoughts on “Construction mystery”

  1. That happened at my flat too! They start all the really noisy rubbish at about 7:45am – 8am. Then once I am awake and grumpy, they stop and do the really quiet and unintrusive things. What those things are I don't know.

  2. i working in construction.
    noise levels depends on the stage of the
    construction. during structure works, its
    noisy all day but when architectural works starts
    noise is reduce and sporadic. Before handing over, its noisy
    most time again as the road and external areas are constructed.

  3. to explain the mystery,
    during the architectural stage, where plastering
    and tiling works are done. when works start 8am
    the workers start banging their tools with hammer to clean
    the buckets, spade and wheel barrows of old harden cement
    plaster or mortar before they start work again.
    So its quite noisy at that time. The actual
    works is more quiet at this stage.

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