Put Tamil back on public signboards

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Where there are other languages apart from English on them, to be precise.

Does anyone know if they’ve put back Tamil on the directional signage at Changi Airport? Or are they still in three of our national languages plus Japanese, as they have been so since 2007?

And how true is it that the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, which runs the airport, replaced Tamil with Japanese on advice from the Tourism Board, whose rationale for doing so was “English is the 2nd language of India”?

Apparently, the Tamil directional signage at the Botanic Gardens have also suffered a Japanisation, according to a message left by a member of the Facebook Group “I Want Tamil Back in Changi Airports Signboards”.

If that is true, then the people working at some of our statutory boards have very, very little respect for our national customs and languages. If you’re Singaporean, you should feel affronted. So, I urge you all to join that Facebook group, and sign a petition when they do set one up.

I want to see all four of my nation’s official languages back on signboards.

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6 responses to “Put Tamil back on public signboards”

  1. Desmond Avatar

    WTF! So Tamil is now not a national language anymore? Then why bother with Tamil news, drama, etc.?

    Sometimes when Ass-holes get a bit of power, they believe they are gods, in this case LKY, nobody would dare question them.

  2. Tiffany W Avatar
    Tiffany W

    English is the second language of everything (at least in sg) anyways, so why don't they just put english? Those a-holes! >:(

  3. RT @miyagi: Put Tamil back on public signboards http://bit.ly/9QvCoW

  4. Arib Avatar

    Official language Tamil is removed deliberately. Tourism board is responsible for it, they claim all Indians can speak English. We Singapore Indians have written thousands of petitions but it falls on deaf ear. Our identity is losing out slowly. I thank all Chinese who support to put back Tamil signages.

  5. THAALA Avatar

     NO TAMIL SIGNBOARD,than why in singapore celebration TAMIL SPEAKING MONTH? WAKE UP 

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