Our World Cup runneth away

World Cup Trophy made from Balloons (wooden spoon prize) 2

Seriously, we’re really not going to get the World Cup on television?

MSN did a survey recently, and out of over 5,000 people who participated, 69% said they weren’t willing to pay a single cent to to watch a game. I guess that’s the national stance that got us into this mess in the first place.

It’s alright by me, cos I’m happy sitting at home watching the rugby on several channels on Starhub.
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2 responses to “Our World Cup runneth away”

  1. john Avatar

    oh no. i thought from failing to meet GOAL2010 to not even getting to watch it, i didnt know capitalism could fail so badly.

  2. WorldCup Avatar

    That is quite disappointing to say the least but I'm pretty sure there'll be some sort of solution by the end of it. It is after all the World Cup.

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