The music they play in hell

We had to go out to Paragon today because Kai had to see the doctor to get some medication for his cold.

We’re all a bit under the weather, but we managed to soldier on because Paragon’s common areas didn’t play that infernal racket known as Chinese New Year music. The individual shops and the supermarket were another matter. We had instantaneous severe migraine to add to our flu the moment we stepped in to pick up groceries for dinner.

President Obama, I give you the solution to the war in Afghanistan: just send your humvees and choppers into the mountains blaring this the music they play in hell, and I guarantee you, the Taliban will be flushed from their caves, surrendering in shock and awe.

Click here and bleed from your ears

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8 responses to “The music they play in hell”

  1. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From The music they play in hell

  2. I'm amazed you managed to find the whole song RT @miyagi: From The music they play in hell

  3. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From The music they play in hell

  4. sgporc Avatar

    hey mr miyagi… your suggestion is no joke…. they did precisely that at Guantanamo Bay… blaring heavy metal and rap music at the detainees to break them down psychologically…

  5. RT @miyagi The music they play in hell

  6. DK Avatar

    I think we need to update our CNY songs to keep up to date.

  7. RT @miyagi: From The music they play in hell

  8. TL Avatar

    that was rather mean. CNY songs are traditional and though corny sometimes , should bring back fond memories of CNY, unless of course said memories were rather bad ones….

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