Inappropriate children’s songs


Now that Kai is beginning to learn and mimic, we are starting to be more mindful of the songs we sing to him. Especially children’s songs.

On our banned wagon now is the French ditty Alouette, which we thought was about a skylark.

It is about a skylark, and the cruel thing (plucking its feathers) the singer does to it.

The song gets really awful at the end, when the singer goes:

And your neck
And your back
And your wings
And your feet
And your tail
Alouette, gentille Alouette
Alouette, je te plumerai

Skylark, I shall pluck you

The other song we’re considering either banning or changing the lyrics of is the Chinese children’s song called “Ke Ren Lai Kan Ba Ba” (There’s a visitor to see Daddy), in which the child sings:

A visitor came,
To see Daddy.
Daddy was not home.
I invited the visitor in and asked him to sit
And gave him a cup of tea

I know, right? WTF? You’d smack your kid if he did that. He could’ve let in Jehovah’s Witnesses, debt collectors, travelling salesmen, NEA inspectors even if he didn’t let in criminals or something!

So we’re changing the lyrics to something (I’ll get Naomi’s mum to translate it back to Chinese) like:

When a visitor comes
And says he’s looking for Daddy
And Daddy’s not home
I’ll tell him Daddy said get lost
See this cup of tea?
It’s hot and will scald your face
If you don’t step away right now.

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5 responses to “Inappropriate children’s songs”

  1. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From Inappropriate children's songs

  2. Tabbulous Avatar

    “Ring around the rosies” is supposedly about the Plague. The version with “a-tish-oo,a-tish-oo, we all fall down” especially.

  3. janalin Avatar

    yes please ban all songs promoting animal cruelty.

  4. Boon Avatar

    The last song: that show how naive everyone is in the past.

  5. Laurel Avatar

    Haha! I was discussing the same with S some time ago. I've stopped the Ke Ren Lai song but he still sings the Alouette one. Frankly, many of the french nursery songs are plain weird. I'll let you have a listen next time I see you

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