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More on the country’s obsession with “race”, Yu-Mei Balasingamchow writes:

as far as this racial labelling in Singapore officialdom is concerned, we should all just tick the ‘Others’ box — and carry on

From her post, I went on to read Alex Au’s (Yawning Bread) study on the matter, and as I suspected:

What was interesting when I sifted through the bureaucratese was how this change, which was spun to suggest an increase in flexibility, was actually a decrease. Where parents previously could leave the race of the baby blank, they now cannot.

Aiyah, “Others” lah.

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  1. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From miyagi.sg: Extending race http://bit.ly/7VxNLR

  2. Benjamin Lee Avatar

    From miyagi.sg: Extending race http://bit.ly/6jP0L3

  3. @chanelflannel OMG! JARREN ON @miyagi 's BLOG?!?! IT LOOKS LIKE JARREN. It must be Jarren. http://bit.ly/75Sbvd

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