Weekly Tweets

  • 12seconds – [Qik] Mobile video by Benjamin Lee http://tiny12.tv/762S9 #
  • 12seconds – [Qik] Mobile video by Benjamin Lee http://tiny12.tv/8A2C3 #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Qik – Mobile video by Benjamin Lee http://bit.ly/Gmjie #
  • FB RT: Trying to upload my reel to facebook! Here's the link first…http://bit.ly/HcEmb #
  • Thems Ikea chicken wings and meatballs are yums. http://myloc.me/TWrt #
  • Hossan Leong the court jester: http://bit.ly/xd4JR #
  • Apple challenges Australian chain's logo trademark http://viigo.im/15SH #
  • Australia No. 2 for quality of life http://viigo.im/15SW #
  • Flip Ultra HD or Mino HD? #
  • 12seconds – [Qik] Mobile video by Benjamin Lee http://tiny12.tv/AWJ6B #
  • Kai's first 'solid' meal! http://pic.gd/385677 #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Qik – Mobile video by Benjamin Lee http://bit.ly/3dyprg #
  • What's good for late lunch at bukit timah plaza? Nonya deli closed, and no going for taiwanese delicacies. #
  • Thanks for all suggestions. Too hungry and baby I tow. Settling for Pizza Hut. #
  • And Kai weighs in at 9.25kg #
  • No more shots for Kai for another 6 months! But he may be allergic to dairy products. #
  • Lunch at the drive thru. http://pic.gd/163ece #
  • RT @AdrC82: My sympathies go out to the English teacher of Ris Low back in her school days once the media manages to track him/her down… #
  • …"tea, coffee, whole nuts, raw egg and raw shellfish should not be added in the weaning diet." – Nestle nutrition card. #
  • RT @TechCrunch If Teens Don’t Use Twitter, Then Why Do I Have To Read About Miley Cyrus? http://bit.ly/Ker7I #
  • something must've happened to the staff at The Handburger. Not one has smiled yet. Ok one has smiled to himself, so that's counted. #
  • Make it fun and people will follow: http://bit.ly/18CLo8 #
  • Analysis: 'Blackface Jacksons' embarrassing to Australia – http://bit.ly/7JEoD #cnn #
  • Which shop in Funan sells Flip camcorders? #
  • To Stereolounge for cast party #hossanleongshow #

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