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  • RT @gssq: Singapore: the only country in the world which treats foreigners better than its people; http://is.gd/3JAwz #
  • In theatre rehearsing #hossanleongshow http://pic.gd/93d1c9 #
  • "Low also admitted that she started stealing Pokeman cards when she was young". http://bit.ly/1KG77l #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @badbanana: The dialogue in 'CSI: Miami' seems to be written without any concern for search engine optimization. #
  • Basket, call my friend a horse? RT @kazitoshi: women love funny guys. here's an explanation, from the horse's mouth. http://ow.ly/rx06 #
  • In theatre now. Don't have a dongle, so lucky got blackberry internet. The set's been renovated so we're gonna start a run soon. #
  • Starting cue to cue. Another long night at work. http://pic.gd/ee4f9b #
  • RT @abigvictory: Tampons: Ribbed For Her Pleasure. Someone get on that. #
  • RT @digg_2000: "25 Awesome Dirty Car Window Drawings [Pics]" – http://digg.com/d215onl?t1 #
  • They should have a travelator spanning the breadth of T3 http://pic.gd/a3175c #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Yu-Mei spent the last 2 years writing her "Singapore: A Biography" book. Fascinating. http://www.singaporebiography.com #
  • Someone tell the Indonesians that hungry ghost month over liao. No need to burn trees for the dead. #
  • RT @eugenekhoo: RT @mrbrown: RT @metacole http://ow.ly/rADc – ST naming Ris Low's photo filename as 'sg-stupid.jpg'. http://bit.ly/oXVfA #
  • Didn't feel tremors but apparently city hall evacuated. #
  • Crew says over P.A. that dress run will be at 8.30pm. #hossanleongshow #
  • I subscribed to videosimprovaveis's channel on YouTube http://bit.ly/ysntY #
  • Show me the funny http://bit.ly/zHb9s via @addthis #hossanleongshow #
  • Aftershocks felt on Beach Road. #
  • RT @gssq: Tremors again! So fun! I'm leaving before I get a headache #
  • Is ok, we'll read about it tonight on CNA. RT @cruzteng: Was there a quake again? Or was it my imagination? I'm on Level 6, Radio Bldg. #
  • google #fail #googlewave RT @yjsoon: i got my google wave invite… in my spam box on gmail. errrm. #
  • Hail Red China! Your Sons & Daughters Labor in our Convenience Stores & Food Courts for the Glory of your Socialist People's Republic! #
  • Off to theatre in a bit. It's Opening Night! #hossanleongshow #
  • Thank you everyone who watched on preview night! You were awesome! #
  • ST commenter: "I think the real imbecile is the botak who expect others to stay open just for him!" http://bit.ly/m4s5v #
  • The Hossan Leong Show Top 10 Lists: http://bit.ly/3RBqld #
  • OMG traffic. Please clear a path to the Drama Centre! #
  • WTF $3 ERP! #
  • Want to encourage reading, arts etc., then turn off the blardy ERP leading to National Library and Drama Centre! $3?! Fark! #
  • In theatre. Half hour call. #
  • RIO #
  • Oooh when my baby when my baby smiles at me I go to RIO… de Janeiro #
  • Oh me oh my oh Rio! Rio de Janeiro! #
  • My blackberry's address book corrupted. Can't add or delete or sync. Only 2 addresses displayed but options show 1200 contacts. #
  • The Handburger lunch before matinee show. #hossanleongshow http://pic.gd/ec47b5 #
  • 2 Americans next to us complaining non stop about SMU faculty. Don't like to work there then quit lah! Nabeh, sianz man the two of you. #
  • Ok update: one of them quit liao. Quit liao don't complain lah! #
  • RT @hossanleong: The Hossan Leong Show CD out now, distributed by Warner Music, in good CD shops! #
  • Waiting for my seat allocation. #hossanleongshow #

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