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  • "And that's what you lesbians are missing out on" RT @patlaw: Never seen anything that big before. #
  • Testing twitterberry! #
  • Buying stuff at a surprisingly busy Novena Square #
  • Omg I think I'm gonna get a blister on my thumb #
  • RT @ladyironchef: Oh My God! foie gras macaron http://bit.ly/KEGEG #
  • The new Tweetdeck rocks! #
  • RT: @victortan I like tat ans! RT @preetamrai: #snwf person asks if am I a broadcaster. I reply I hv a YouTube channel. #
  • Is on ubertwitter http://myloc.me/IXJK #
  • Taking Taiwanese mother-in-law to Din Tai Fung. Bracing for backlash. #
  • Mac Portable gets a 20th anniversary vivisection http://viigo.im/0XwA #
  • We survived dinner with just one comment on how one dish is not Taiwanese. She blamed the Singapore palate for pressuring the restaurant. #
  • Kai has his thumb to soothe him to bed. I have my Blackberry Bold. #
  • RT @nanyate: IE6, please die already. You're like that village hag that has overstayed her welcome. #
  • F1 drivers should be made to drive through the traffic chaos the event causes. Great lead up event. #
  • Arrrrgh traffic! Damn you Formula 1! #
  • RE: Good luck! And have fun at camp! http://disq.us/d9o3 #
  • Here we are complaining about a slight haze. RT @torvaanser: 1st pictures of the Sydney Sandstorm http://is.gd/3BqcN #
  • I think the Sydney sandstorm blew into Singapore: http://bit.ly/1vyexG #
  • Instead of having floodlights to make the F1 race look like day, why not have the race in the day to save electricity? #
  • RT @gurms: One of the tips on the "help prevent the spread of h1n1 on public transport" poster is 'avoid taking public transport'. #
  • Arrrrrgh F1 traffic! http://pic.gd/a3548 #
  • FB RT: Lindsay Lohan is in da house! #
  • Rain arrives for F1 Rocks… so how? Cancel lah? http://skitch.com/t/ssg #
  • ''Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.'' – Ireland captain Brian O'Driscoll'' #
  • "This year's fashion is preezon stripes, but I can still wear the leopard prince beginee inside" #rislow http://bit.ly/YO2GN #
  • RT @msglitzy: wow! I need monee to buy preezon stripes. becuz i oni have bigini and they are all boomz. #
  • Bluff! Watching F1! RT @sgtraffic: 09:39 Vehicle breakdown on ECP towards City near Benjamin Sheares Bridge. #
  • First right answer wins a pair of tickets to THE HOSSAN LEONG SHOW: Who are Hossan's co-stars in the show? #
  • You have just won a pair of tickets to the Hossan Leong Show! RT @niqkelodean: @miyagi chua enlai, celine rosa tan and karen tan? #
  • "I support the yellow ribbon project by putting black spots on it so it become leopard prince! Vooms!" #rislow #
  • Because it's F1 weekend, I got tyrepac.com to come change mum-in-law's tyres. #
  • Orh, I thought F1 cancelled. RT @singapore_news: GP suspended over Subutex http://sn.im/s3wez #
  • F1 is such an interesting sport. RT @nadnut: waiting for someone to buang or something. #
  • RT @skinnylatte: It transpires that Josie's new boss is TSM's husband! RT @sgnews [CNA] Josie Lau leaves DBS http://snipurl.com/s4syb #
  • Via Australia too. RT @angelamay_: American cheese burger in singapore looks surprisingly like Gaines Burgers http://twitpic.com/j6lxd #
  • Where's a good mall to go to with lotsa baby shops? #
  • Thanks for suggestions. We're at Paragon now. http://pic.gd/a7d78 #
  • the 'chicken dance song' is 'the duck dance song' in french. #
  • RT @joannchance: who will bring spanner and hammer to F1 race…..the list of prohibited things lists make me laugh *LOL* #
  • If you're not interested in the race, tonight's a good night to go to that popular restaurant that's always fully booked. #

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