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  • RT @linuskoh: is quite peeved with ESSO cashiers trying to get me to buy Brands Essence. I just want a loaf of bread! #
  • Predict when the General Elections will be held – #
  • RT @sm7catscan: Just read this: sending in the army in event of a ‘freak election’ – #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Upturn the Downturn Song #
  • FB RT: KinMun Theodore Nathanael Lee Apple is rumoured to be releasing Snow Leopard Prince. It will make your Mac go BOOMZ. #
  • RT @Xiaxue: A gang of crows, an assembly of owls, a clutch of doves. Collective nouns quiz, anyone? No googling!! #
  • hey, assembly = parliament! RT @dsng: @Amizadai @miyagi A murder of crows. A parliament of owls? #
  • Dynamic Butch! The New Superhero! RT @patlaw: Brief to stylist: do whatever u want, just don't make me look like the average butch. #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Don't put anything fine $100 [seen in Kampong Ampat,] #
  • How come our eco race car and their eco race car so different? #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Funny Commercial: French Language School (AvisoAd.Com) #
  • I subscribed to advertise's channel on YouTube #
  • RT @clessf: Googled my symptoms. I might have encephalitis, meningitis, or a brain abscess. That or a migraine. #
  • Not to be confused with the online process server portal, #
  • Wonders if "Follow Me" shampoo has a twitter account. #
  • RT @MAS: Our pleaseure Tony 🙂 #MH RT @tonyfernandes: In london. Mas crew treated me so well. Thank you to all mas crew on mh 2. #
  • They can finally call something "The Hub Cap" RT @mrbrown: Er that's THE Race leh RT @stcom Motorsports hub can host any race but Formula 1 #
  • McCurry beats McDonald's via @addthis #
  • because last time they just fuck care #
  • Is Hokkien My ‘Mother Tongue’? | The Online Citizen #
  • Not so permanent then… #
  • Working with Papa #
  • RT @HossanLeong: call 66911995 now to play Are you a Smart Ass #
  • RT @angelamay_: 5 hottest travel show hosts 2009 includes me! #
  • Have you seen Windows 7 acid-trip backgrounds? Incredible. …Apple background designers needs more drugs, plz. #
  • – For ages 1-100. But Kai's only 5 months old. #
  • – Best decorated nursing room is at Great World City. #
  • RT @gssq: The Google Images results for "Great Tit" and "Great Tits" are VERY different. #
  • NTUC launches reference guide for single mothers via @addthis #
  • The suspense is making me shit myself #
  • Diarrhoea mystery solved #
  • Love these Aussie sporting stories #
  • RT @PerezHilton Perez Hilton: Ellen DeGeneres Replacing Paula Abdul On American Idol!!!!!! #
  • "After Repair Mission, Hubble Delivers New Stunning Desktop Backgrounds Once Again" #
  • OMG. The heat. #
  • – Boss say it's safe as long as I hold on to potted plant. #
  • Dear ST, "Jew" is an offensive term #
  • RT @rinaz: If wearing pads makes a woman empowered to do anything (as according to ads) then how come I dont feel like doing anything. #
  • Singapore Rebel unbanned. But why M18 rating? Is it too sexy? #
  • The Hossan Leong Show on RazorTV: #
  • Really? I thought they were just standing around #
  • FAIL OVERLOAD: Because You Can Never Have Enough Fail #
  • RT @greggrunberg Tip your Sylar…I mean server!! #
  • Security guard at Novena Square wears leopard print turban. I think I have found the Leopard Prince. #
  • You betcha! RT @acidflask: @miyagi is he wearing it in a way that makes him like, boom, wow, just him? #
  • 800m champion found to be hermaphrodite poses quandary for IAAF #
  • Blessed are the cheesemakers: RT @GenkiGenki: This is spreading in Facebook #
  • On the Chinese side of Little India (Jalan Besar). People are out early praying to the dead. Then they eat breakfast. #
  • RT @patlaw: HELP! Does anyone know if Outward Bound has hair dryers for the Vain like me? #
  • Wrong camp lah, @patlaw You want to go to the Only A Little Bit Rough Camp by Banyan Tree. #
  • If Burger King or McD's sponsored F1, they'd have the Grand Prix Griddle Girls. Vote for the one that flips your burger! #

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