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  • RT @miyagi: @StarHubCares hi help? Now is good. #
  • Immediate service would be appreciated. Anyone there? RT @miyagi: @StarHubCares hi help? Now is good. #
  • Guess not. OK, I'm off to Singtel now. RT @miyagi: Immediate service would be appreciated. Anyone there? RT @miyagi: @StarHubCares hi help? #
  • Please address to Mr Tan Ku Ku. RT @mrbrown: Hey LTA! Instead of those expensive car tunnels, how about a bicycle tunnel like this one? #
  • The best Sichuan food burns twice. #
  • Kobayashi Maru. HD confirm fail. RT @skippetty: @mrbrown Use Star Trek ship names? #
  • Did not tweet yesterday. The world is no different. #
  • RE: Thank you BugSy. I've informed inSing and hopefully they'll change the item in the article. Yay TP human wheel barr… http://disq.us/20ie #
  • There are several ways you can think long and hard. Which one's yours? #
  • RT @siewsze: Conclusion: never take coffee bread with coffee. It gives you the runs. #
  • What? What? The national pledge is an expiration? What? #
  • RT @Randalltan: What is with all these "bored" half naked girls adding me???? I am getting bored of blocking you all so just STOP IT! #
  • Silly tunes for songs for The Hossan Leong Show. I has them in my head. #
  • The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers – http://bit.ly/vKcLj #cnn #
  • C'arn Wallabies! http://twitpic.com/esw9h #
  • Is off to another workshop of silly music and lyrics! I love this job. #joy #hossanleongshow #
  • Damn you Dan Carter! http://bit.ly/MkhPz #
  • When Apple flops: The worst Apple products of all time | NetworkWorld.com Community http://bit.ly/K65uF #
  • RT @mrbrown: http://bit.ly/hRsTj Shame on you, young bloggers & your ungrateful ways! How dare you question the benevolence of our leaders! #
  • Kinda disappointed with Ah Yat seafood at Turf City. #

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    From miyagi.sg: Weekly Tweets http://bit.ly/3b59aj

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