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  • RE: Yikes. My bad. I'll let them know. Thanks for pointing it out. http://disq.us/1pwi #
  • Tell me what brings you #joy http://bit.ly/7LeJC #
  • Our son is our #joy. What's #joy to you? #
  • Hahaha! "Bhagavad Twita"! RT @skippetty: Deep. RT @bhagavad_twita: Twittering is only the projection into form of that which already exists. #
  • RT @shenheng: my #joy is niece askg me to pat her bum 2 sleep & hearing her snore soon after tt. RT @miyagi: Our son is our #joy. What's … #
  • RT @Tabbulous: @miyagi chicken rice and the Singapore zoo when I get to go home for a visit. #joy #
  • RT @goobaby8: @miyagi Walking in the woods with a dog off leash, picking berries, daughter riding her bike, no fear of cars. Bliss. #joy #
  • RT @kixes: @miyagi My #joy is hearing my lecturer say, "Yes of course you can do your 3000-word essay on your favourite TV sitcom…" #
  • RT @rn: @miyagi #joy is knowing I can beat what is holding me back. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Bob Blumer makes popiah skin http://bit.ly/jCur0 #
  • RT @doctorow: Holy crap, the barefoot guy behind us on the Montreal-Toronto train's feet smell like dead things. We've smeared Tiger Bal … #
  • #joy Take down a musical instrument http://bit.ly/gkMG4 #
  • Good morning! Are you doing what you love? If not, would you choose to do what you love? http://bit.ly/gkMG4 #
  • RE: That's an awesome speech, Bill. Thank you for sharing. http://disq.us/1r1c #
  • At Old Parliament House with Hossan and Gene Simmons. #
  • Come on Schumacher! Take some Panadol Extra and come to Singapore. Haven't you seen the ads with the guy in the go-kart? #
  • NTUC Fatprice #unpopularstores #
  • Popular Boobstore #unpopularstores #
  • Some views on doing what you love. #joy http://skitch.com/t/ijj #
  • Really dunno about the new $6M equestrian park. How many S'poreans have horses? How many can spell equestrian? #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @seljose: Harvey Mormon #unpopularstores #
  • RT @calciumlithium: @miyagi $6m equestrian park = certainly not for the pedestrian. #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @AustinH_24seven: Victor's Secret #unpopularstores #
  • RT @choyna: was reading @miyagi's "Being in love with what you do" and the google ads said "Seek and you will find" (for seek.co.nz jobs … #
  • RE: What is it that you do? http://disq.us/1s90 #
  • Do you think #success follows if you pursue #joy? #
  • RE: Thanks for that. We're currently using SebaMed. 2nd tube already, and we just have to keep using it as long as he k… http://disq.us/1t5e #
  • 'Albert'. Now gimme my money. RT @SCDF: Name the new SCDF Fire Fighting & Rescue Vehicle and win up to $1000. http://tinyurl.com/m3xldq #
  • Who do you think has had #success reward their pursuit of #joy? Richard Branson comes to mind. #
  • Vale, Les Paul – http://shar.es/9nd3 #
  • is drawing a blank, so going to bed. #
  • The Hossan Leong Show is a go go go! http://bit.ly/tV9ne #
  • To me it is too. RT @AthenaBoncan: Isn't achievement of #joy #success in itself?@miyagi Do you think #success follows if you pursue #joy? #
  • #followfriday = @xiaxue for her tweeting pattern: tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet sleep tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet sleep. #
  • It sucks that you can't play YouTube's Crackle videos in Singapore http://bit.ly/2W5AX #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Target ad by The Campaign Palace http://bit.ly/Luawi #
  • Bob Dylan mistaken for hobo by cops: http://bit.ly/93Mxt #
  • RT @sween: You say I'm pedantic, yet I am quite certain you are unaware of the word's true definition.So stop showing me your feet. #
  • I sure hope so, or else what's the point? http://skitch.com/t/ic9 #
  • Dammit, the tv volume in restaurant too low. What PM Lee say? What? S'poreans must apply adhesive, it's challenging? #
  • What do Singaporeans always complain about? #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Let's Stick Together http://bit.ly/2qpUYj #
  • OMG, "Tuts my barreh!" http://bit.ly/xX4dy #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Touch My Body (Tuts My Barreh) / Karaoke Fail (English subtitles) http://bit.ly/3bOTlk #

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