Being in love with what you do

This thread about happiness, joy and love has taken a life of its own, and it’s been quite fun to see some of the responses off twitter and the like.

There were some who, understandably, said things like “I would love to do what I love, but it doesn’t pay the bills”, or “at what cost?”, or “it’s too risky”.

And that underlines what it all boils down to – when you fall in love, and you want to pursue that love, you take a big risk, a leap of faith. And when faith doesn’t carry you across the chasm, you bloody hell flap your arms and work at it. The risks are heartbreak, failure and other attendant side effects of pursuing what you’ve fallen in love with.

A good friend, Bill Ang, pointed me to a speech he wrote for the NUS class of 09, and it probably sums it up better than what I am likely to do here haphazardly.

“Do what you love for you will end up loving what you do.

And if you still don’t quite know what it is that you love, keep searching. You will find it. And when you do, you will make a difference.”

And you will be rewarded with joy.

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