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  • RT @mitchtan: Air China should stop hiring Chinese who tries to speak with an American slang… Seriously, me no understand you! #
  • RT @khaosworks: The jokes just write themselves, don't they? Strange Gel Remote Concept by Panasonic: #
  • RT @HossanLeong: Where do I think is the best place to take the family on an outing? has the answer. get that and call me NOW … #
  • From Plus one room for scale model maid #
  • RT @yellowhandman: @miyagi You let your maid sleep? What kind of Singaporean are you? #
  • An address more appropriate for a fireworks factory: #
  • Baby Kai now has two baby citizenships! #
  • RT @gssq: Wondering how Chinese Scrabble would work #
  • RT @gssq: Two ways Chinese Scrabble could work: Radicals (; Pinyin ( #
  • From Cyclops can now fight Godzirra! #
  • There are more ppl answering queries than there are actual bank officers. So all's they do is tell you where to queue. #fail #
  • RT @billang: @miyagi Ya man. I ask the bank teller what she wanted to tell me and she looked at me with a blank face. Change the job nam … #
  • Instant coffee + instant oats = instant trip to toilet after breakfast #
  • RT @kskb: maju officer on radio fail: "we separate our men in time and space" – must be too much startrek #
  • missing the Confinement Nanny who did practically everything the past 2.5 months. #
  • RE: We spoke about it, yes. I'll check with the maid agency next time. I'm quite sure those that are endorsed by Mediaco… #
  • Because Temasek is so good at being a non-profit organisation: #
  • RT @cowboycaleb: "Michael Jackson Has Passed Away" – #
  • OMG the number of times we saw our schoolmates do "Thriller" at school events. And that included the ACS Military Band version. #
  • From Rolls Royce for the disabled #
  • RT @skinnylatte: In Singapore/Malaysia, you can order "a cup of Michael Jackson". It's a mix of soya bean milk (white) & chin chow jelly … #
  • RT @Agent_M: Photo: I’d drop my G1 for the Emperor’s iPhone…or Vader’s iPhone…in a second. via @gabrieli: #
  • Is sleepy and waiting for the family pizza meal. #

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