Our baby boy Kai is growing bigger and louder every day, and we kinda sorta know what cry is for what even if the sound of it changes week to week.

This week, most of his cries are sounding like the chorus of a song by The Corrs.

More importantly, we have finally registered his birth, so our son now has an official name.

It took a while at the ICA though, and a very stern “tell us, where does it say we cannot have his name in this order?” from both parents, before we got Kai’s birth certificate signed, paid for and laminated.

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3 responses to “Zombie”

  1. J. Avatar

    aiyoh! saw your baby's other pictures at flickr. your son looks just like a photocopied miyagi!

  2. Craigslist Proxy Avatar

    Some good points raised in that post. Will be back to check for more.

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