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  • From miyagi.sg: Weekly Tweets http://tinyurl.com/ogdfs4 #
  • Singpass seems to be down. That’s it. No dealings with Govt bodies today. Hmmm. That ain’t a bad thing. #
  • RT @gssq: Amused the hawker in the market got his Wong Bok from NTUC, not the market #
  • Cheap? Sluts should be free. Whores cost. RT @gssq: Raffles Hotel sells sluts for $6.25 each. Damn, that’s cheap!; http://is.gd/E1Km #
  • From miyagi.sg: Mediacorp tries to be funny again http://tinyurl.com/qfp7n4 #
  • Another account: http://bit.ly/jJIih RT @miyagi: From miyagi.sg: Mediacorp tries to be funny again http://tinyurl.com/qfp7n4 #
  • How about that precipitation? #
  • RT @kazitoshi: Let’s hope they don’t raise the price after this RT @menshealth_sg Cocaine found in Red Bull http://tinyurl.com/o76raq #
  • Yes, esp when migrants frm HK go, …”race, ranguage or re-region” RT @flyirene: Does anyone rmbr d singapore pledge after they left school? #
  • I got shit on my butchew, got sai on my butchew… RT @HossanLeong: wants Nobody nobody butchew…nobody nobody butchew. #
  • potato potahto #
  • RT @sm7catscan: RT @Schwarzenegger: gay marriage will one day be reog and 18K marriages before vote allowed to stand http://bit.ly/d35Zt #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @FluSingapore: Passengers on SQ25 on 26 May fr NY to SG (arr 0630h) seated in rows 52-58, pls contact MOH at 1800-333 9999 #
  • RT @kee_soon: Hossan : “At SING DOLLAR you will get to see two drag performances – Najip as a makcik and Kumar as a man.” #
  • RT @tinkertailor: wah the first #H1N1 girl really from SMU. SMU beats NUS and NTU yet again. #
  • Gotta love CNA: “Asian tsunami kills more than 200K… …win great prizes”. http://ping.fm/2TYLv #
  • Dear PM Lee, “Make a Pink Dot” was on 16 May. http://bit.ly/pP5Up #
  • RT @gssq: “S’pore supports initiatives against indiscriminate use of anti-personnel mines” – HAHAHAHA. And Iran supports peaceful nuclea … #
  • Come on MPs, ask Govt if Singapore is a manufacturer of anti-personnel mines: http://bit.ly/DSAg8 #
  • Dengue eradicated (from NEA website) http://skitch.com/t/1xy #
  • Baby Kai has dengue and is hospitalised. He’s had one transfusion and is stable. Updates later. #
  • Kai had his 2nd transfusion of platelets tonight. Doc thinks the virus hasn’t peaked yet. #dengue #
  • Thx! @msvindicta @jolintan @jaime_tan @moby74 @dw_wongster @HeartEspresso @yaboon @mezzalaneous @dia00 @STUMPBO @flashmuji @Sandelina_H #
  • Thx! @GenkiGenki @Amizadai @jolantru @stephietan @trineeE @cruzteng @missybrowneyes @kazitoshi @shamong @betshopboy @chibiryan @restlessly #
  • Thanks. @jinnpod @valska #
  • Mainland Chinese serving Mainland Chinese tourists at Lucky Plaza McDonalds. Bit odd. #
  • Kai’s platelets up to 30K. If it keeps going up, then we’re good. #dengue #
  • Kai’s platelets up but not high enough to go home. #

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